Sunday, September 28, 2003

Sweet Nothing...

It is official. I changed the title to Sweet Nothing. But in the inner cirlces, this project will still be known as Baby & Winky.

Monday, September 22, 2003

New Title?

I have been tossing around the idea of a new title for Baby & Winky. Here are some ideas...

1. Dry Rain
2. Birdsong: the Story of Baby & Winky
3. The Blind Kangaroo
4. Sweet Nothing
5. Baby, Winky, and the One-Eyed Kangaroo

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Thanks to Sigge for blogging the link to Baby & Winky on his site! I would like to welcome all my new Norwegian visitors! God morgon, goddag, god natt! Enjoy.
Second Draft... time slows down when I find myself working on revisions and re-writes. Adding or subtracting one word sometimes fucks up entire paragraphs and pages. I'm also lazy when it comes to this stage of my work. Usually after I'm done with the first draft, I don't like to go back and re-work any of it. That is what editors are for. I'm a writer... I write.

Screenplay? Although I must say that I have several new ideas about Charlie's Goldfish... that could be a possible new project for me this upcoming month. One year later I finally have a couple of thoughts on how I can improve the script and make it more attractive for potential interested parties.

The Phones Keep Ringing!! Nothing irks me more than the sound of my phone ringing while I am working. Luckily I can shut off the ringer on my phone in the studio. Sometimes I begin a writing session and forget to turn off the ringer. Of course almost always when I get into a groove a bill collector or a wrong number (I get those a lot) calling me. I refuse to get up and answer until my complete thought is finished. Usually the phone stops ringing by that point. However, my cell phone incessantly beeps to tell me I have "Missed Calls" or "New Messages". That's when I turn the fucker off and hide it in my sock drawer.

Monday, September 08, 2003

Monster in a Box... is an indie film starring Splading Gray and he performs one of his infamous monologues. It's on cable right now on IFC. Spalding recants one specific year in his life, where he gets caught up in the middle of writing a novel: Impossible Vacation, in the meantime he is still attempting to cope with his mother's suicide a decade earlier (the difficult topic he's tackling in the manuscript) which is causing him major problems completing his novel and sends him into therapy. Great film and a great novel! Check out both.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

The First Reading...

There is nothing like the high you get when you sit down and read your finished product from start to finish. I got to do that earlier this week. I didn't take any notes or make any corrections. I read straight through! It took about three plus hours. Baby and Winky would be a great airplane novel. I had plenty of doubts many different times during the project. After I had some time to let the product sit and take a break to get away from it all, I must say that the novel reads well. I think it's great. On the same level as JTSMD. I dunno if it's better or if everyone else will love it just as much. Time will tell!

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Chapters? I started eliminating Chapters (combining consecutive shorter ones) in the first revision. Originally I started with over twenty... then 15 or 16. Now I think I have 14? I glanced at JTSMD and I broke that up into almost thirty sections. Looks like half so far.

New Title? I always assumed I would call the novel Baby and Winky. But should I consider other options? I thought about something like this... Dry Rain: The Story of Baby and Winky or just calling the project Dry Rain. Ok maybe not.

Monday, September 01, 2003

Daily Word Count

Baby and Winky was written over an eleven day period from 8.21 thru 8.31... and is nicknamed the "August Novel" by the author. On the average, I can write about 750 to 1,000 words per hour. I usually write in three hour spurts... trying to crank out somehwere around 2,500 to 3,000 words in each three hour session. Here's the breakdown:

8.21 Day 1: 1212
8.22 Day 2: 3682 (4894 total)
8.23 Day 3: 6480 (11374)
8.24 Day 4: 6052 (17,400 +)
8.25 Day 5: 8355 (25,700 +)
8.26 Day 6: 5017 (30,700 +)
8.27 Day 7: 4663 (35,300 +)
8.28 Day 8: 4051 (39,000 +)
8.29 Day 9: 4300 (44,300 +)
8.30 Day 10: 2700 (47,000 +)
8.31 Day 11: 5700 (52,138 words)

On August 25, 2003... I experienced one of the most productive writing days of my career topping out at 8,000 + words.

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